The class manages the capabilities in ChromeDriver.

Constants of common Firefox profile preferences (about:config values).

Move to the location and then release the mouse key.

Move the the location, click and hold.

You can call it 'Right Click' if you like.

Interface representing basic mouse operations.

Base class for all keyboard-related actions.

Base class for all mouse-related actions.

Base class for all touch-related actions.

Interface representing touch screen operations.

WebDriver action builder. It implements the builder pattern.

An action for aggregating actions and triggering all of them afterwards.

WebDriver action builder for touch events

Interface representing basic mouse operations.

WebDriver interface implemented by drivers that support JavaScript.

This list of command defined in the WebDriver json wire protocol.

Command executor talking to the standalone server via HTTP.

Execute keyboard commands for RemoteWebDriver.

Execute mouse commands for RemoteWebDriver.

Used to locate a given frame or window for RemoteWebDriver.

Execute touch commands for RemoteWebDriver.

Represents an HTML element.

A HttpCommandExecutor that talks to a local driver service instead of a remote server.

Start local WebDriver service (when remote WebDriver server is not used).

All the browsers supported by selenium

WebDriverCapabilityType contains all constants defined in the WebDriver Wire Protocol.

The interface for WebDriver.

Interface representing a single user-interaction action.

An abstraction allowing the driver to manipulate the javascript alerts

The basic 8 mechanisms supported by webdriver to locate a web element.

Interface for all command executor.

Represent a dimension.

Interface for an HTML element in the WebDriver framework.

Canned ExpectedConditions which are generally useful within webdriver tests.

Interface implemented by each driver that allows access to the input devices.

Representations of pressable keys that aren't text.

Interface representing basic mouse operations.

An abstraction allowing the driver to access the browser's history and to navigate to a given URL.

Managing stuff you would do in a browser.

The platforms supported by WebDriver.

Represent a point.

The interface for WebDriver and WebDriverElement which is able to search for WebDriverElement inside.

Models a default HTML